Welcome to our new subscribers. We are trying to be a bit more regular with our newsletters without being serial pests. Theme for this newsletter is old friends.

With some decidedly Autumnal weather upon us we have been looking at our newly released red wines. Those of you that have been with us for a while will remember the straight Grenache wines we used to do back in the day. It seemed right back then to get them properly ripe to get the intensity we were after. Also traditionally in the odd years we would do a blend of Bourdelaise varietals from fruit that was bought in.

STOP PRESS. Our old friends are back! With our organic certification we have stopped buying in any fruit so the current release 2010 Eden Valley Red Blend will be the last in the line Β unless we plant some more vines at Eden Valley. This wine from the for me transcendental 2010 vintage is the best one I have made, looking tickety boo with a bit of age on it, a simple celebration of all things Medoc, it will be a shame to see this one gone. Once that happens I may look at the project again. Our 2012 Grenache is a different story, one of the few wines we have made that is more about the winery than the vineyard this single ferment stood out in this exceptional vintage from all of the other Grenache ferments. I have yet to understand why this was the case but due to whatever reason (winemaking is a very inexact science) this ferment went decidedly slower than its peers, given the suggestion I then decided to give it post ferment maceration on skins as a learning process. Pressed to its own barrel this parcel continued to be unique and demanded to be bottled separately. Just 30 cases from a single barrel and following in the old style of Xmas pudding and developed fruit jubes, the palate length here has to seen to be believed, really quite unique wine. Interestingly this has been achieved without the high octane levels seen in earlier wines (it is under 15% folks). This is a wine that will happen again in the right years but only when we can achieve the intensity we have here.


THE DEAL first in best dressed for the mailing list is our motto as our tiny production won’t make it to vinomofo best get your orders in. We will do a 25% discount from cellar door and freight inclusive in response to this newsletter, mix the 2 into a minimum of a box of 6 to qualify.

VINTAGE THIS YEAR is looking really good with some beautiful intensity that has been complemented courtesy of recent rain by soem frshness that was looking decidedly unlikely. As always the proof will be in the pudding but thus far things are looking great.

ORGANIC CERTIFICATION having fully certified our Vine Vale vineyard, produced our first certified wine (offsite) and with Eden Valley becoming fully certified Grade A Biodynamic as of April we have taken the step this audit of certifying the winery so all of our wines from 2014 vintage will be certified wines. The response has been really encouraging to our first certified wine (2013 Barossa Riesling) so we can all look forward to smallfry wines being harder to get hold of hopefully.