Somebody very wise told me the other day to not muck up an apology with an excuse so, sorry I haven’t written a newsletter for a while.

The theme for this newsletter is “Reasons to be cheerful”. I did love old Ian Dury and his ever so slightly bent view of the world so please let that be your soundtrack for the next few minutes.

Rain, this winter it did just that, so things got off to a great start to the season.

Wine, we have been flat out bottling some great wines and getting some nice reviews from the pundits including Max Allen and James Halliday.

Farm, achieved our goal of certified Grade A Biodynamic down at Vine Vale making this year a line in the sand for our vineyards. Really starting to feel that the land has gone through the addict’s withdrawal process from chemical fertilizers and is now building a truly healthy biota and resilient life force.

Sales, a new distributer in Victoria, Footprint Wines, is making our job of getting our wines out there easier. Also export wine sales have been showing great promise with new distributorships in Japan, HK, Singapore and the US. 

Labels, Suzi has been revamping our labels and the response has been fantastic, the old labels have been a bit impersonal so we are trying to reflect a bit more of what is inside the bottle on the outside.

Home, cellar door has been undergoing a makeover to “enhance our offering” which means an outdoor space for events and food to show our wines in their proper environment.

Bigger picture, seems to me that there has been a genuine change in people’s outlook that allows for some optimism for the future. We have all been through an economic downturn outside of our control but this merde too will pass.

Festive season, after a long hard year it is soon the time to kick back and have a bit of a relax, hopefully with a glass of the fruits of our labour in your hand.