Smallfry wines the vineyards.

In the beginning they grew the grapes.

It all starts there, we took the cuttings, grew them on in our on site nursery planted the little vines etc. etc. etc.

Our property was just grass and gum trees but the soil, aspect and microclimate is right, the pedigree of our neighbours attests to that.

That was 10 years ago now, our vines are maturing and we follow the philosophy that a good block is a good block from the beginning. We also source fruit from older vines from our neighbours and from the Barossa not just when it is 100 years old. We do value older vines as well and do source fruit from other growers to provide more complexity.

Viticulture is all about managing the vines for good balance. Restricting yields to levels that allow full maturity and flavour development. Healthy but not excessive canopies. Supplementary irrigation is available but used judicially in response to soil moisture monitoring.Β  The vineyard is where we come from, Suzi and I both grew up on vineyards I bought my first one when I was 17 years old. When we were at Uni was when I first became fascinated by the winemaking process. Now I have my own special grapes it was a natural progression to start winemaking.

Eden Valley is one of the toughest places to have a vineyard. Bitterly cold winters, hot dry summers with cool nights, poor soils and frequent droughts. While tough on vines, this micro-climate produces great fruit. Limey Rieslings with steely acid, Rasberry and Cassis Cabernet and peppery Shiraz.