When we first bought Ken’s garden I walked around with him to get introduced and he told me these vines were Carignan, this lead to a long and convoluted story with more surprises, ups and downs than your average Wilbur Smith novel. Suffice to say we still aren’t sure what to call these vines so they remain anonymous but whatever they are there is a place for them in my heart. Very old vines, miniscule yield, micro production.

Colour: Deep black, purple, seems to suck in the light.

Aroma: Tar and flesh, wood and spice.

Palate: Big, long and savoury. Blocky tannins are built for the long haul.

Summary: As we evolve and grow it is wines like these that take us to places we haven’t been before. Our success will be measured to the extent we take others along for the ride.

Region: 100% Barossa Valley, South Australia

Variety: Field Blend Mataro?, carignan? bon vedro?

Alcohol / Vol: 14%

Production: 60 cases